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About Me

LeVaughn McPherson,

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator

& Lactation Consultant

After 25+ years in the corporate field in New York City, the last few years being at a commercial bank undergoing restructuring, I realized I no longer wanted to partake in the corporate game. It lacked fulfillment, drained my spirit, and left me yearning for more heart centered work. And so, despite being on track for advancement, I opted for a voluntary exit package in 2015, marking it as my retirement from the 9-5 grind.

My plan for earning a living? Trust the unknown and follow my heart!

Over the next four years, fate led me to train as a Spiritual Counselor and Interfaith Reverend. I envisioned launching a practice where I would assist individuals in becoming empowered enough to navigate personal challenges, upsets, and fears in order to honor and thrive in life.

During my final year of training, I attended the birth of a friend, having already given birth myself, I just wanted to show her love and support. The birth was beautiful and peaceful. Inspired by it, I performed a baby blessing that deeply resonated with my peers and prompted the following suggestion, "LeVaughn, you would make an excellent Doula. I know just the place for you to train." This was a first for me, I'd never heard of a doula before; all I knew was that I just wanted to champion my friend while she birthed - I didn't know that that is exactly the role a doula plays.


And so, personally knowing that there are two pathways to a purposed life: one, where one feels drawn to do the work and the other, where one is chosen by others to do it - I accepted it as a calling, and I trained formally as a doula. And with that I immediately fell in love, realizing how profoundly I would impact the lives of moms, pregnant persons, their partners and their babies as they prepared to do one of the most magical things a body can do - Give & Be Birthed! Eventually, in order to provide holistic support - Childbirth Education & Breastfeeding certifications were added.

My methods have been instrumental in helping moms get rid of debilitating morning sickness, the fear of dying at birth, depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges so that they can move on to have happier and healthier pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Sade & David Caldwell

Anyone will benefit from having LeVaughn as their doula because she will provide the support you would never think you needed while expecting your baby. We're thankful!

Princess Glover

Her easy-going demeanor has been effective in helping me to stay positive and focus on myself and the baby.

Kemi Oluwa 

Levaughn held space with me and believed in my healing. I feel so much lighter and can connect to my baby emotionally now. I am truly grateful for Levaughn! For her spirit and her love!

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